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Director of Legal Affairs (JA) - Lt Col Daniel Hough
Counsel to Wing Inspector General -Lt Col Alice J. Mansell (IAOD)

Asst Counsel to Wing Inspector General - Capt Jason A. Noyes


Assistant Wing Legal Officers Assigned to Groups

Group 1 (Los Angeles) - Maj Craig R. Bockman (IAOD)
Group 2 (SF Bay) - Capt Christopher L. Fenolio
Group 3 (Inland Empire) - Maj Mathew K. Ninke (IAOD)
Group 4 (Central Coast) - Maj Samuel M. Huestis (IAOD)
Group 5 (Nor Cal) - Capt Christopher A. Baker (IAOD)
Group 6 (Central Valley) - Capt Benjamin W. Karabian (IAOD)
Group 7 (Orange County) - Capt Donald R. Hammond (IAOD)
Group 8 (San Diego County) Capt Suzanne E. Veta (IAOD)


Special Assignments

Legal Research Assistant (Travis AFB) - Maj Gabriel J. Chin (IAOD)


Staff Legal Officers - Assigned as Assistants to the Group Legal Officers

Capt William A. Daniels (IAOD)
Capt Jesse A. James (IAOD)
Maj Jason A. Noyes (IAOD)
Capt Robert M. Ross (IAOD)
Lt Col William E. Ruwe (IAOD)
Capt Norbert T. Sheahan (IAOD)
Lt Col Ross E. Veta (IAOD)
Lt Col Brian D. Wolf (IAOD)
Maj Alan Z. Yudkowsky (IAOD)

Advises on legal implications of CAP programs and activities (subject to the constraints imposed by local law on the unauthorized practice of law) to include:

  1. Interpretation of laws and regulations
  2. Contracts and agreements
  3. Insurance
  4. Real Estate
  5. Taxation
  6. Investigation
  7. Corporate records and organizations
  8. Relations with local agencies
  9. Render legal advice and opinions regarding CAP activities as requested
  10. Assist the unit safety officer in conducting investigations.
  11. Advise the unit commander and investigating officer on processing complaints in accordance with CAPR 123-2.
  12. Advise commanders on initiation of termination actions and serve as CAP representative at termination appeals hearings as appropriate.

The legal officer at all levels should be familiar and monitor compliance with the CAP Constitution and Bylaws, CAP regulations and with 5 U.S.C. 8141, 10 U.S.C. 9441, and 36 U.S.C. 40301-40307.

None listed.


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Forms and Pubs

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