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Emergency Services

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Director of Operations  Director (DOS) - Lt Col Boehm, David
Deputy (DDOS) - Maj Wallace, David
Critical Incident Stress Management Officer (CIS) - Lt Col Lynch, Michael D. (IAOD)
Asst Critical Incident Stress Officer - Maj Pajuelo-Schwartz, Marcel (IAOD)
CISM Team Members - Ch (Lt Col) Dawson, George (IAOD)
CISM Team Members - Ch (Lt Col) Harris, Robert W.
CISM Team Members - Lt Col Willey, Sue K. (IAOD)
CISM Team Members - Lt Col Nelson, Nancy M. (IAOD)
CISM Team Members - Capt Davenport, Jennifer, D (IAOD)
Search & Rescue Officer/Wing Alerting Officer - Maj Wordsworth, Jon D. (IAOD)
WMAO Coordinator - Maj Tirona, Jose D (IAOD)
IC Team Coordinator - Maj Heil, Michael
Air Force Mission Support Officer - Capt Wheeler, Mark (IAOD)
VIP Mission Coordinator - Maj Wallace, David E. (IAOD)
WADS Mission Coordinator - Capt Wheeler, Mark (IAOD)
Green Flag Coordinator - Lt Col Prusak, Michael
Red Cross Liaison Officer - Maj Terpstra, Shane (IAOD)
Mission Logistics Coordinator - Maj Wallace, David (IAOD)
Mobile Command Coordinator - Capt Bertz, James (IAOD)

Q. How do I get involved as a Emergency Services Responder?
A. Become GES qualified by completing your Level 1 or Curry Award (Cadet)

Q. How do I log into Eservices?
A. Follow this CAP eServices. On the front page, go to "click here to register".

Q. Where do I find my qualifications on Eservices?
A. Log into CAP eServices, on the left side find "My Operations Qualifications". Look through the section under "Emergency Services".

Q. How do I navigate the Eservices Qualification process?
A. Please review this presentation Emergency services training guide (A "how to" guide for navigating the SQTR process and achieving an ES specialty rating).

Q. How do I sign up to receive emails from the Wing.
A. This link will provide you instructions.

For more Emergency Services photos click here


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